The Environmental Advantage

Using Eco Logs as an alternative to burning natural timber is kinder to the environment and economically sound.

As the only ‘ingredient’ in Eco Logs is kiln dried timber waste derived from standard saw milling operations, they are an extremely enviro-friendly and sustainable source of energy.

No chemicals, binders, glues or other forms of adhesive are used in their manufacture, just 100% wood as it was in the parent tree.

The density and uniformity of each log created during the high temperature high pressure manufacturing process means that each log has an inherently low moisture content, approximately 8%.  This in turn means you have available approximately two to three times more heat energy than a piece of natural firewood, of equivalent mass, that has been air dried for over 6 months.

With each Eco Log you can expect a clean, hot burn, very little ash residue and low particulate emissions.

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