Here you will find answers to commonly asked questions about our Eco Logs.

Eco Logs are made from the kiln dried waste from timber processing and  manufacturing operations. Waste product that would otherwise end up in landfill.

Absolutely not. Even the pizza industry uses our logs because they are completely safe.

Absolutely not. Only Australian plantation hardwood timbers.

Mostly from Ryan & McNulty in Benalla.   The wood is from principally Victorian Ash, Silver Top and Messmate.

Not at all. It is the cellulose (or carbon compounds) that are being burnt and cellulose is common in all timber species. The key issue is how densely the cellulose is packed (compressed). Therefore a log can be made from Pine (a low density softwood) that when compacted under pressure and temperature will form a log that will burn as long as Red Gum or any other hardwood species.

Approximately 1.100kg/m3. This means they will sink in water!

None what so ever. They are completely safe to use in any conditions and even as BBQ fuel or in pizza ovens.

Just pressure and temperature created by friction as the log is extruded (pressed) from the die. The friction causes a temperature increase, which heats the residual moisture in the timber. The heated moisture in turn softens the lignins & gums in the timber and this aids the binding process.

A combination of the gums in the timber being squeezed to the outer surface of the log which are then polished as the material is extruded through the die.

80 tonnes of pressure per square inch.

This is a difficult question to answer accurately as the type of device used to burn the logs is so variable.  Under normal circumstances, when burnt in a wood heater with some form of air control/damper, approx. 1 hour.  Less of course in braziers and open fireplaces where there are no means to control air flow

Extremely dry.  Each log has only 8% or 9% moisture and we have test certificates to demonstrate this.  Split firewood may have in excess of 30% retained moisture even after being stacked and air dried for 6 months

The drier the timber, the cleaner and hotter the burn and the lower the particulate emissions.  Eco Logs have approximately 1/3 of the moisture content of split Red Gum or Box, even after the Gum or Box has been air dried for over 1 year.        

Yes.  Because they are very dry.  The logs can be easily broken up into smaller sections or used in conjunction with, either kindling or a firestarter

Very hot and very clean.  Therefore lower particulate emissions.  Note: The logs will actually expand slightly when burning and this aids combustion

Because the logs have “memory”, ie they were originally formed from loose shavings and sawdust and then compressed in approximately a 10:1 ratio, so when they are placed in a fire, the heat acts to relieve the “stress” that was imparted to them and they subsequently relax and expand

No.  They burn away to produce only 0.4% ash! and we have test certificates to substantiate this fact.  Therefore very little cleaning up.

Yes. Nice hot coals.

Yes.  They burn with flames as any other timber would burn.

No.  All the solid gum and knots that are locked up in the parent wood that cause explosions have been removed by a hammer mill and then screened (sieved) to produce shavings and sawdust of a uniform particle size.  Therefore the logs are very safe to use in open fireplaces where polished floors and carpets may be in close proximity.

Yes, the logs can be used in any fireplace, wood heater, combustion stove or BBQ.

In 20kg bags and as each log is approximately 1kg, there are approximately 20 logs in each bag

Predominantly in the independently owned Hardware Stores such as: Mitre 10, True Value, Home Hardware, Thrifty Link , Stratco, Bowens etc, Service Stations, Fuel Merchants, Restoration Stores, etc. Use our store locator to find your nearest stockist.

Note.  Eco Logs are not sold in WA due to the high transport costs

No.  They are completely safe to use and handle and should be used and handled as one would treat any other piece of firewood.

Inside or under cover.  The logs must never be exposed to moisture or allowed to get wet as they contain no additives or chemicals to prevent moisture ingress.

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