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Our Story

Better efficiency and more new stockists

Productivity in our factory is at an all time high and we are constantly seeking new sources of clean kiln dried contaminant free sawdust in bulk to supplement demand.  We have also increased the number outlets nationally who stock Eco Logs to keep up with the growing customer inquiries for clean, efficient and environmentally friendly alternatives to naturally occurring firewood.

Up and Running

The manufacturing process, location and environmental constraints for successful production of the Eco Logs, a densified 100% wooden log made from compacted kiln dried shavings and sawdust is a unique one.   The factory must be located near to a sustainable source of kiln dried material, be of sufficient size to receive large volumes of sawdust on a regular basis, house the manufacturing and packaging equipment and store 100’s of tonnes of finished product that can be subsequently dispatched nationally during Winter.

Following a Victoria wide search, a second hand factory of sufficient size was purchased in Hamilton in 2001 and after relocating it to Seymour, it was subsequently re-erected and modified to form the basis of the current operations.

By the time all of the equipment was installed and commissioned and the first load of raw materials delivered, it was 2004 and it was at this time that production officially commenced and the Eco Logs brand was launched.

The establishing of Eco Logs

In 1997 a detailed analysis of the kiln dried timber waste market in Victoria was undertaken in conjunction with a technical investigation into the types of equipment that could be used to produce timber briquettes.

Associations and contacts within the Australian Home Heating Association and the Furniture Industry Association were instrumental in forming a picture of the overall breadth and depth of the potential market and data and information relating to where shavings and sawdust were generated, volumes, types of waste, transport and purchasing costs were subsequently used to determine where a suitable manufacturing facility could be located.

As part of this search, a briquetting plant, using a large mechanical press was found to be in existence in Adelaide, South Australia.

Eco Logs purchased the briquetting plant and ancillary equipment in May 1998 from Symonds and Clark, a logistics company that had acquired the operating site from the original saw millers, Le Messurier’s

The process of decommissioning, transporting and relocating the entire manufacturing facility to Victoria commenced later that year with the purchase of an acre of vacant land from the Mitchell Shire Council.

The last load of equipment and remaining stock finally arrived from Adelaide in August 1999.

Eco Logs continues to produce timber briquettes using the exact same equipment from within the Industrial Estate just outside Seymour on the road to Yea.  The site has a varied history and it is known to be the former home of the barracks for the Light Horse Infantry dating back to WW1.

Where it began

The original (Eco Logs) Briquetting was machine purchased from Glomera in Switzerland in 1961.  It was shipped to Le Messurier Timbers in Port Adelaide where it commenced operation in 1963.  In those early years the product was known as ‘Woodettes’ and was sold locally under that name until purchased by Eco Logs some thirty years later.

Le Messurier Timbers still operates in Adelaide, albeit in a different location, as a timber wholesaler.

Other Information

Trade Enquires Welcome

Establishing a Trade Account with Ecologs is simple and can be activated by contacting Garry Kindley on 0411 442 540 or email garry@ecologs.com to...

The Raw Material

Our source material is the residue produced in the processing of plantation timber – clean, contaminant free wood sawdust

The Production Process

Because the success of this production process relies upon moisture free raw material the end product contains only 8% moisture.

The Environmental Advantage

Using Ecologs as an alternative to natural timber is kinder to the environment and economically sound.

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